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  1. I think a mailing system would be good, I've always wanted to talk to someone but there always offline when I want to talk so maybe if we could send mail and they receive the mail when they next come online. A message could appear on their screen every 10 or so mins saying "you have received mail! [number of mail]"
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  2. We do have the private conversation feature on the site, but a lot of people never check the site so i think this is a nice idea.
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  3. I barely go on the site
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  4. I think that this is a great idea! Many new players don't really visit the website. It's useful when players who rarely go on the forums want to remind another player of something or when someone wants to leave a important message to another!

    Now we just need to get Aikar on here!
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  5. Site PMS.
    In-game PMs.
    There is an update coming to in-game PMs. I suggested a group in-game PM, and Aikar said he's already working on it :p
    Problem solved?
  6. Possibly make /tells be saved when you're offline so when you login, they appear for you? Not sure how easy it would be to implement, but it seems like a good way to do it to me.

    Sure, there's forum PM's, but I know many people who don't use the forums but are regularly in-game, and this would allow me to contact them easier if they were offline.
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  7. This could however bring forward the issue of players being spammed every time they log in. This is a good idewa however as many players NEVER go on this site...
  8. EMC website - PMS
    EMC server - In-game PMS
    EMC server - /tell