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Mail History?

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  1. Hello Empire.

    Here I'm suggesting something - readable mail history. So the idea is, I get paid to kill a wither. The person says they mail me the heads, but really it's just a piece of dirt. I'm accused of scamming the player, and moderators get involved and everything. There is no history of receiving mail, just sending it - and it's recorded in the rupee history.

    So, under My Empire, there should be a "mail history" and be able to be sorted by both sent and received. It will include all contents and the subject of the mail. That way, the person can actually tell what they've mailed or been mailed.

    Also, if you're seeing this thread, this feature does not exist. I checked with staff first to see if only Staff could check mail history.

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  2. +1
    but two different histories i would suggest. one for sent and one for received...
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  3. Good idea, and 7 for 7 +1's
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  4. I totally agree +1
  5. I like this :)
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  6. Great idea +1
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  7. You have all of my yes.
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  9. #bestideaever
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  10. #bestideaever
  11. It is not rude to bump this thread. I think this should be added.