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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GameKribJim, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Maybe we could have some sort of mail box system where anyone can put anything in it, but only the person whose property its on and take things out? Also being able to control certain items we dont want put in the mail box... Not sure if it's possible, just kinda popped in my brain.
  2. That is not a bad idea, I will start looking into if that is possible or not and how it could work. Thanks Jim :) :)
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  3. This does sound like an awesome idea! Perhaps hold the item while clicking on a mailbox sign that is attached to a chest? That's the basic way I see it.
  4. This would be awesome!
  5. yea, getting a main mailbox for the server would be great that way we wont always have to wait for an admin. to get on or message them
  6. I'm confused, what does an admin being online have to do with sending items to people?
  7. Exactly what i was thinking!
  8. uuuh... que?
  9. I think Maxy was confused about the idea. Jim is talking about a mailbox that would allow anyone to GIVE you items in it, there or not, but not take out of it.

    Maxy was thinking like an internal e-mail type system, haha.

    ...I think?
  10. o ok see thats where the mistake is lol
  11. we were never talking about a msg system
  12. This would be cool, but some people would use it for other purposes besides the mailbox. Like a cactus farm you dont have to manage. Thats the only flaw i see.