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  1. So today I was walking through the wilderness and saw a pile of items just on the ground. I thought that probably someone had died and there stuff was laying there. So I was thinking of picking it up and posting a thread that I have it but I felt like that would cause more problems. So instead of picking it up I was thinking that we could have a place to put the lost items that we find of others in a "Lost and Found". It could either be a place on the forums called "Lost and Found" or maybe something like the vault but access to everyone. But heres the thing. You wouldn't be able to take any items from it once you put them in until a certain time period is up, then there up for grabs just like it would be in the real world. The only thing that I see wrong with this is that you can't actually tell if someones stuff is actually there's, but if someone says that it's theres and no one complains that it isn't in a 3 day time period, or so, then they should be allowed to take the items. It just frustrates me when I'm out in the wild and die and I can't get back to my stuff in time so I think it would be helpful to have something like this for people who die and lose their items (especially enchanted items). Feedback? Thoughts?
  2. I don't like the idea. It takes away from a main element in Minecraft...

    If you die and don't get back to the location in time, you lose your items. :)
  3. It might be a good concept for younger/less experienced players but here on emc it just wouldn't fit
  4. Ok thanks for the feedback!
  5. Although I can see many pro's to your idea I would have to agree with Alex and cube on this one; it's just not vanilla enough for EMC...
  6. Yeah im starting to rethink this now...
  7. Lol, you would know if you found my items... My armour is named Mini's gonna get you if you steal this. XD
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  8. i like to name my armors cryptic things like go300blockeasttoravine
    that kinda stuff
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  9. This would be a cool idea, but it takes away the challenge of getting your items back. Maybe there is a "Lost and Found" res where your items are teleported to a chest ONLY if you are a diamond supporter, or when you are a certain number of blocks away from the spawn (6000 for an example) items are sent to the spawn.
  10. question: is it against the rules to pick up stuff you find on the ground?
  11. Hmm don't know about this idea. When I find items on the ground which looks like a died player, I put them in a chest on the place where I found them and place a sign next to it saying "found your items and saved them -Lukas" I think a lot of player uses minimaps which saves the deathpoints so they go there.
  12. I usually use the live map for my server, and I remember roughly where I died, and sprint there like 20 charged creepers are chasing me. I have never found someone's items in the wild, but I would do what you do Lukas.
  13. Why only diamond supporters. Everyone has the right to protect their items.
  14. I like the idea! :) maybe mojang could insert engraved amour in future updates! But for now, it just wouldn't work out
  15. Just another perk of being a supporter. I changed my mind, it would be available to all players.
  16. Many people think that when they die they have a limited amount of time to get back to their death pile before it Despawns. As I understand it, this is not completely true. The items will stay there indefinitely as far as I know. It is only when you get close enough to activate the chunk they are in that they are in danger of despawning. At that point you have five minutes.

    I've noticed with grinder drops that if I leave then return to an area, the timer seems to reset. I can't say I've ever done any experiments to confirm exactly how this works and I wouldn't count on it either since Mojang/Bukkit/EMC changes details like this without any warning.

    I've always gone back if I had items that were important to me and most of the time I've been able to recover nearly everything.

    I think if I found a pile of things I would make a reasonable effort to determine whose it is. If I knew there was someone in the area earlier, if there were signs of long term habitation like a Locked chest, or if I saw someone on Live Map heading towards the location, I would talk to them about it.

    If you've covered all these bases, I think it's better that you keep the items or put them in a chest like Lukas does than let it go to waste.
  17. ^yeah in general ill message chat and see if anyone can guess the area im at otherwise ill just take it, if anyone asks later ill just replace whatever i took
  18. Players might think that they're "forced" to become supporters to keep their items safe.
  19. But in vanilla minecraft, your items aren't safe. Any creeper or lava pit can mean you loose everything. For the most part, supporter perks only give you things that are not vanilla, such as flying in utopia town. You can play the game just like normal without being forced to do anything, but if you want those extras and are willing to pay for them supporterships are available then.
  20. Well, this system will relay heavily on honesty.