[Suggestion] Lock Enderchest and Lock for Everyone

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by wisepsn, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. It will be a while until we have to option to claim land in the wilderness. In the mean time, I thought of something that might be a great update before it might be released.

    So what would happen would be if you want to lock a chest but you want EVERYONE to open it, on the first line your write "lock" and the second you would write "everyone". Example would be that you would lock an enderchest but in second line write everyone. This way, everyone would be able to open the enderchest and put there goods in there. It would be ungriefable.

    The second suggestion is to have the ability to LOCK enderchests. Since most griefers are not smart in the slightest, they would probably just get a regular non soul touch pick and try and get the enderchest. It is not fun to keep on placing and placing new enderchests because a griefer might stop it. I have noticed sometimes when a griefer has griefed ME that if a block might be nonsolid, the mod I asked on who did it doesn't know, though I am not 100% sure if this is the case.

    Not only this could work for enderchests, but it could work to lock a hopper or enchanting table. If I locked a hopper and put everyone in the second line, then people could actually right click the hopper and place the item they would like to donate.

    Suggestions, ideas, and criticism accepted, just please follow the rules. Thanks. :p
  2. Anyone can already open any enderchest, and just don't lock it :p
  3. I mean a function to lock it so now one can GRIEF it. If you lock a item right now, you can only due a few friends, not the ability to give it to anyone that will open it.
  4. 1000r per lock. 10r per obsidian and a most 5r for an Endereye. I don't think it's worth locking. If you need to, just hide it.
    I see what you're saying about [LOCK] everyone, but I don't think it'll be useful enough to implement, as with hoppers, you can just throw things in, and locking enchantment tables seems frivolous.
  5. At least we can lock beacons....