Suggestion: List All Residents Matching Specific Tag Command

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Guswut, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. In short:

    I posted a request to know the syntax for a command that did not exist, so I'm requesting that we make a command that allows you to list all residences that match a specific tag:

    /res list +ducks
    Server - Address - Name
    SMP0  - 55555  - DucksDucksAsFarAsTheEyeCanSeeDucks
    In long:

    I would like to request that a command be added to allow us to search for all residences that match a specific tag. I'd envision the syntax following the "/res list" command structure, and just allow for the modification of using a tag instead of a player name. So "/res list <TAG>" or a practical example, "/res list +shop" would return a list of all reses that are tagged as "shop".

    You can get an approximation of this list by spamming (in the sense of repeating the command over and over and over and over and over again (ugh!) for the sake of using it) the "/v +<TAG>" command a few times until you have a relatively complete listing (randomness willing), but this seems wasteful in player time and server resources.

    The "/res tag list" command does appear to work to give a list of tags for the current resident you're on, but it also appears to require a flag of some type that I don't see listed in the wiki. I tried to set the "tag", and "tags" flag on another user on my own resident, but that didn't work.

    This also doesn't perform the action we're trying to do, which is to get a list of residents that match a single tag, which is something that we can already (roughly) do (and thus not something that should require a flag, right?).

    Thank you!