[SUGGESTION] Limit Per Customer

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  1. Hey Guys, I think what would be cool to add to EMC would be "Limit Per Customer" It would look like the picture below. It would allow who ever bought a "Christmas Gift" could only buy one instead of multiple. This would allow to do giveaways for events. I'm sorry if this has been already suggested, Leave a response to what you think about this feature being added to EMC
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  2. I like it, so you can't abuse gift signs or rewards :)

    Maybe like for the second line do x:y:z where x is quantity, y is limit, and z is number of days before you can get another one?
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  3. I like it it be great for doing shop promotion/ shop gift, but how would this be set up :confused:
  4. i like it!
  5. I like that idea too, that way it could be a once per day thing :)
  6. Thanks :D
  7. Maybe it would sense when you've bought one? Idk I'm not a coder so I wouldn't have a clue ;)
  8. Love the idea.
  9. Thanks alot for the support guys :D
  10. Bump just so more see it XD
  11. Its a good idea, but please keep bumps 6 hours after the last post in the thread ;)
  12. It will be cool to limit players so teh item is limited per player instead of who has the money to buy it...
  13. I think this is what the idea is saying...
    (Sorry if I have misunderstood your comment) =)
  14. Others said that there was a limit per day...no per player...