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  1. Recently, I only know of one, there have been some donation scams. Not the "Donate 50 Rupees by Buying a Peice of Dirt!", but by building materials, tools, and other Minecraft items. As an avid donator, I am concerned about this. I like to donate to new and old members because I feel as if that is my job since I turn 365 days old Friday. I like giving, heck I should be "Santa Claus". But no, I can't seem to gain 5 pounds to save my life. Anyways, the point is EMC is getting bigger, better, and stronger. With that brings more and more "Big Builds" and "Projects", which masses of people donate to. See, these sneeky little devils see all these projects and deside to make one of thier own, to later(after a month) take down and scavenge the materials. I came across this about a day ago after going to one of my favorite places. They said that they closed down and I could not get my donations back, well I knew that because a "donation" is a donation, but I didn't even ask for it, so I knew something was up.
    Anyways, my point being is there should be registered/licensed donations. I am not talking about donating by buying dirt, I am talking about project. I mean really, if I set up a Castle for the public use, and people donated stonebrick, stone, cobble, and more and I one day deside to tear it down and keep the materials for myself? Uh uh, I don't think so it what most of you would say, or "How About NO!".
    And yes I consider the people who do this scammers, scandals, whatever you want to call them. Now, don't get me wrong, if I make something and right away I am getting no business, I probably should take it down and build something more inavative, but also give the stuff back to the people.

    Here is what I think the license should look like.

    Donater's Contract:
    Name of Owner: Materials Donated:

    Name of Donater: Estimated Price of Materials:

    Project Name:
    I _____ agree to donate all the materials that I donate and not request for them back for ___ amount of days, meaning I will not get them back after ___ amount of days after I donate them.

    Owner's Contract
    Name of Owner: Materials Donated by Player:

    Name of Donater: Estimated Price Of Materials

    Project Name:
    I _____ agree to give back or re-donate all materials donated to me before ____ days/weeks after they were donated. Meaning I can only keep the materials after ____ amount of days.

    Both parties would have to sign, and agree with numbers.

    Now, don't get me wrong. You should be able to donate fast, but this is a way to donate safely without getting scammed.

    I know this could create a ton of chaos for the moderators and admins, but think, less complaints for what? How many people are honestly going to fill out this contract? Probably about 1 in 50 people are. That would take huge weight off you shoulders with scamming of donations.
    This could also apply to alot of other scamming techniques, just not this specific license.

    Now, there are a ton of good, kind, and caring people out there that want to help, entertain, and relax other players. Some projects may include......The Nature Walk, 911-TruthInOre, The New 9/11 memorial project by vividOptimism, Vault 101,Dark_Liz's residence, and much much more good projects that I cannot list off the top of my head.

    But all in all my point being that I think there should be a safe way to donate rupees or building materials/items to players without being scammed.

    Tell me what you think......

    Note: If any of my following words or text offends, humiliates, terrorizes, harrasses, or any other form of this, please contact me and I will remove it at once.
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  2. Also, I love how EMC is constantly coming up with new projects. I think we all owe one to those who make EMC a better place!
    I am starting to sound like some hippie from the 70's. :/
  3. I like this. This way people can't say " No, you didn't. You're trying to take other people's stuff." if you ask for a refund of something you donated, among other reasons.
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  4. Good idea, maybe just post in the forums the contracts?
    Failing to commit results in what though?
  5. Yah, I was saying a warehouse type thing of deticated license that a mod can pull up with a search of a title.
    Or we can make it really complicated with books in game, but that would be really unrealiable. People could just make another one really fast.
  6. ^^
    In reply to fluffinator09.
  7. Big paragraph.. Too lazy.. read..

    Could you tell me what's it about in a small one?
  8. It's an idea for contracts concerning donations to projects so that people couldn't hoard donations for themselves. :)
  9. Shouldn't your sig say, "Oldest EMC Member", because techinically you joined the same day as JustinGuy.
  10. Meaning, people can't just say " No I didn't! I want my donations back! Without a contract. Please read, I think it will help all of us in the end. You can skim....like what I do in English...
  11. I reviewed it and.. I don't kinda like the idea..

    They used the items to build the things they promised.. You gave them away for that. They didn't want the building in their res and they took it off a few months later...

    I wouldn't be mad... either way it wasn't mine when it was being used and it won't still be mine after it's used.. :p
  12. I like the idea, but you might want to summarize it a bit better.
  13. I WOULD be mad if I gave such item and never be used for such thing that has been promised though.
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  14. No I don't think so...
    If so though that makes me three days younger than JustinGuy!
  15. Yah, but I don't like bragging or whatever. It make people with less than 100 days fell unimportant. I like to keep my solitude until big days like 100,200,300,365,400,etc..
    I will change it though, just for you ;)
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  16. But it was yours when you built/crafted/earned/mined it. But look at it like this: If you donated 20,000r to someone, and they only build half of it, then quit and break it down, apolgize, and everyone forgets about it in 2 weeks, is that fair to you the donator, because I think the reason people donate in the first place is for a cause... or is it because they're rich? Who knows.
  17. Too lazy to explain and stuff..

    no, I wouldn't care.
  18. Or like Leowaste just donated like 15k or 150k on a 9/11 project and how mad would he be if they just quit.
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  19. I mean donating 10k is a lot of money.
  20. I like the idea, but logistically it would be a nightmare to manage. Having these contracts kept somewhere and filled out by players would be an issue - here's my suggestions that are already in place.

    First and formost - donate to projects you know you can trust. You've got a list of projects there, and every one of them is run by a trustworthy member. Just like in the real world, if you donate to a charity, you don't really have say into where your money goes, you just trust them to manage it correctly.

    Contact wise, I suggest typing out a contract and chat and having the party agree to it in chat. Take screenshots of it. For instance a long long time ago I loaned a player 40k rupees. I typed out in chat the outline to the loan, and made sure he typed "I agree" back before I loaned them to him. If you want a contract, I think this is the way to go.