[Suggestion] Let Us See The Time!

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  1. Hey Guys!

    My Suggestion Is That We Add The 'EMC Time' Up Into The Top Right Corner Or The Bottom Of The Page, So When Dealing With Auctions, We Know When To Bump Or End The Auction.

    -Thanks, Let Me Know What You Think!
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  2. i think this is kinda cool.
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  3. This would be useful, though it isn't really needed for auctions. You can see the time you posted it in the bottom left corner of your post. :p This would be especially useful for events so that we have a lesser amount of people saying "What is EMC time?" or other similar questions. :)
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  4. Yes, Or Maybe There Could Be Like A Tab Or Something To Hover Over? Idk I'm Just Thinking Aloud Here :p
  5. Yep I agree High_Jacker- especially when you post is the auction over and it just says "posted 2 minutes ago"
    I hope the Emc staff see this and take it into account :)
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  6. yes it will be very helpfull
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  7. lol an auto bump feature for supporters would be cool too
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  8. I support this idea. In fact, I was just suggesting it in another thread a few hours ago...

    It would be useful for much more than just auction threads. Also helpful for people planning to attend events.
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  9. Oh, Great To See A lot Of People Are Wanting This. Hopefully Staff Would Consider This :)
  10. Bump-Have Any Staff Taken This Into Consideration? Just Let Me Know If So, It Would Be A Great Help!
  11. This will be done soon as I can find the time.
  12. See what he did there? =P
    Get it?
    .....i've been around moose too long...
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  13. *badum tss*
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