[Suggestion] /iteminfo ItemName expansion

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  1. Okay, pop quiz. What are these items:

    Chances are you could guess... but would you like to be guessing and buying the wrong item? Take the next example:

    What are you buying? "Why, the item in the frame, of course!" Nope, you're buying this piece of crap for a thousand rupees:

    'Gratz, you were just scammed out of 1k. And the only way to know what you're buying... actually buying it!

    Dramatic introductions aside, the actual suggestion:

    Expand the info given in /iteminfo ItemName. This is the current info for "Huge Mushroom 2" shown:

    Amount of info shown = 0

    /iteminfo golden apple:1 will display:

    Item info for: Golden Apple:1
    Name: Golden Apple
    Enchantments: None
    Item ID: 322/0

    For an enchantment (Protection IV Unbreaking II Chestplate)

    Item info for: Diamond Chestplate
    Name: Diamond Chestplate
    Enchantment: Protection Environmental IV
    Enchantment: Durability III
    Item ID: 311-rjn4

    One of the examples above was for a red mushroom block. The item info:

    Item info for: Huge Mushroom 2
    Name: Mushroom
    Enchantments: None
    Item ID: 0100

    Once players know the item ID, they can look it up online to find exactly what they're buying. Basically, this'll help to encourage player awareness.

    Let me know what you think, vote in the poll, leave improvements, etc etc. Thanks for reading,

  2. I'm 50/50 on this and its actual improvemets... :/

    I kinda tested the /iteminfo ItemName after I already made the thread and was about to post. The only real addition is a clear name, instead of the random ones on shop signs.
  3. 100+ it is so hard if you want to sell and buy promos and you don't know what the id is if you want to buy it or sell it
  4. Interesting idea, and i'll notify the Aikar to look at it too =)

    Let me warn players that are reading this. If you are the shop owner of something like in the OP and you are displaying a different item than what is being purchased, you are scamming players and will be punished as such.

    If you notice this at another player's shop while browsing, please report it. Our diligence as a community can help protect all members from scamming.
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  5. What do you mean by punishments
  6. Tempbans mostly if proven to be done on purpose, unless a very severe case which might call for a permban.