[SUGGESTION] Item Frame Limit

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  1. So I have been warndering all the malls around SMP1 and I can across 1112 (not trying to offend your shop in anyway) but this has been happening through out the day...

    -- Entity being rendered --
    Entity Type: ItemFrame (mc)
    Entity ID: 2416739
    Name: entity.ItemFrame.name
    Exact location: -806.94, 97.50, -626.50
    Block location: World: (-807,97,-627), Chunk: (at 9,6,13 in -51,-40; contains blocks -816,0,-640 to -801,255,-625), Region: (-2,-2; contains chunks -64,-64 to -33,-33, blocks -1024,0,-1024 to -513,255,-513)
    Momentum: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

    So my idea is something similair to /entcount but is used on Item Frames.

    Command ideas:


    Something along those lines.