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  1. So, say that you are part of a large outpost or even just a body of land. You've built your home in the outpost and a couple of other things on an island right off the coast of this outpost. Yet now you would like to become an independent nation of your own, far from the shores of the original outpost. I propose that, like res moving, island moving becomes an option. This would be a complicated process, but here's how this would work.

    1. You must start a conversation with the owner(s) of the outpost and get their approval for the removal of their island. Label the conversation [Island Removal] NameOfOutpost.
    2. You must allow at least one week for any outpost members to remove possessions from your island.
    3. You then should invite at least one Senior Staff member to the conversation so that it can be official approved.
    4. You would have an area marked out around your island that you would like removed.
    5. You would then pay a large fee (150k for a normal removal of under 60x60 island, 10k extra for each additional 500 square blocks?) to get the island removed.
    6. The SS would then WE the entire island to a pre-marked out area in an OCEAN in another section of the world. They would take everything down to bedrock and then fill in the gap with stone up to the sea floor, a gravel coating on top of that, and then water up to sea level.

    Possible Restrictions:
    All the same restrictions as residence moving.
    Perhaps the island must be relocated to an area off the coast of the same biome type?
    Only islands may be moved.
    Maybe all members of outpost must take a vote within the conversation?
    All structures built by other members must have permission to be moved.

    This seems really complicated, but it might be useful for some, including myself. Please let me know what you think!
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  2. If done right, this could be a good idea
  3. Yeah, the main issue is smoothly transporting the island without breaking of the surrounding area... You'd probably have to do some building afterwards if you wanted it to look natural, but I think this could still be useful.
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  4. another issue would be neighbors, if you somehow had an underground neighbor, that might be a problem...
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  5. id love to be able to move my wild outpost further out liek this but i think it would break like errything
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