[suggestion] invis potions that make you only invis yo mobs

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  1. Invisibility potions are one of my favorite things about minecraft. I use them to get past the nether mobs and creepers without worring, they are banned on emc and this really upsets me so, why not make it so that players can see you but mobs can't. Or that in order for it to work you must have a full set of armor on, (armor is visible with potion). That way as long as you are 5 blocks away from mobs they don't bother you but players can still see you
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  2. The main reason they are banned is due to the fact that people can grief easily and cause mayhem. When invisible your name goes too, making it hard for members to turn off move permissions and other things. Don't see this happening unfortunately :(
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  3. If thers a way to just make it so you appear normal to players but mobs ignore you unless you attack

    Mabye only use in wild
  4. I have no idea about this stuff - but something makes me think that this will cause heaps of lag...
  5. Why would that cause lag
  6. Surely Aikar could code it so only your name shows up... mobs would ignore you.
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  7. Yes agree with that
  8. The main reason we have them disabled now, is so that people don't use them to go grief/kill someone where the person can't take a screencap of who's doing it. With Minecraft additions to things, it MAY be possible to do this suggestion, but no promises. I like the idea myself. I will submit it to our bug tracker so Aikar's eyes are on it. If it's not possible now, it will at least be on the back burner in case it does become available to do this. :)
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  9. Wow thank you so much! You are always so helpful