[Suggestion] Increasing the entity limit on residences

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Should the entity limit on residences be increased?

Yes 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No 1 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. Hi,
    As you may know the max amount of entities that you can have on a residence is 100. I find this a real pain for animal farming. I know the reason they made this was to reduce lag but what I am suggestion is just to increase it by 50 give or take. I think a lot of people would enjoy this.

  2. Sorry, the current entity limit is the maximum that the servers can handle at this time.
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  3. I mean like in the wild it's 250/chunck. That's like 1/4 of a res
  4. Than upgrade the server instead of paying Aikar
  5. Except for the fact that Aikar's currently not paid, and we already have top of the range servers that cost thousands every month. Aikar has worked to make EMC possible to run on its current scale by modifying core code, and the entity limit is designed around that.

    Then again, if Aikar WAS being paid, you've just proven how unthankful you are for his work.
  6. This is incorrect. The 250 entities in the wild is based on the radius of the player, and is more than a few chunks.
  7. oh ok then can you please close this thread?
  8. Sure. :)

    It was a good suggestion, but sadly it's just not feasible. =]
  9. This is not a never, but it's based on current restrictions. At the moment, if 4 players in the same part of town have 100 animals on each res, it can't slow the server for everyone. Improvements have been made in the last few months that are promising for the future, but our development is limited partly by the minecraft code. To keep it running smoothly in such a compressed area as town can be very tricky. The core game was never coded to be used in the way that EMC runs, but with some understanding and give and take from the community we can make it work.

    Please allow others to see this thread so that they understand a little better why the rules are like they are.
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