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  1. Hey Empire,
    When you are looking for a friend that is online to go chat with, currently you have to either /p all of your friends to see if one of them is online or /who all of the smps to see who is online. With a friends list, you could just type /friends and it would tell you who is online and what server. This would work very similarly to the /staff command, as it would list your friend and then the server they are on. Friends could be added with /friend add (player) and removed with /friend remove (player). To view friends, you could use /friends list for a list of all your friends. Only you would be able to see your friends list, so it would not hurt anyone's feelings. This could even be turned into a supporter perk, such as regular gets 5 friends, iron gets 10, gold gets 20, and diamond gets 30. Thoughts? Improvements?
  2. This'd be cool. I don't think it'd work as a supporter perk though.
  3. This has been suggested before and Aikar replied that
    I think that is a yes for your idea but it may be a while.
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  4. def on the to do list.
  5. I really do like this idea. It would make in-server chat with friends a lot easier to do. Perhaps there could be a friends chat channel, or a command that invites all online friends to a group. Perhaps a friends /tpa (town only) would be good. There are lots of things that could be done with this. :)
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  6. yaaaay *party *dance *dance
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  7. This is fantastic, now all I need to do is find some friends!:D
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