[suggestion] improvement to the /report function.

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  1. i've recently seen that the report function does not allow you to give any detail about anything regarding a reporting. This can lead to seriously bad things, just in a general sense. I may not be on empire that much anymore, But i've noticed that if you're reported and you don't report someone back for causing the problem, everyone tends to suspect you, even the admins, and this is VERY BAD.

    This comes from a lack of details. when someone uses /report, it just says the time, who filed it, and who it's filed against. no details, no reasons, no nothing. So how is the problem that prompted this reporting ever going to get solved without details? Plain and simple, it can't.

    Now, I may not be able to suggest a lot, but i do know of a plugin used on another server i'm on called simple help tickets. very simple to use, very easy to check tickets, and so forth. I can't say for sure if it's a bukkti plugin, but I'm pretty sure a viable counterpart can be found.
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  2. You can do /report name and a short reason, but sadly unless a lot of people report the offender, it gets overlooked. If it's important, not only do you need to /report you can screenshot and PM a staff member online.
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  3. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure report reasons are logged hence why you have to give a reason for reporting.
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  4. Like i said, i was not sure since I have not been on in a while, but someone recently brought the issue to my attention. The overlooked reporting though is just as bad though. I know Empire's a big place, and there's a lot of people, but shouldn't every report at least be given some attention? Let's say i've got a specific issue with one person, which keeps coming up. If i'm the only one that has reported them, and it's continuously overlooked, then it's just going to keep happening, isn't it?
  5. Every report that is received is eventually looked at. Also, unless there is any proof (chat is logged) or a staff members sees this person breaking rules, nothing will happen. I would recommend you take screenshots of this person breaking rules and PMing them to a staff member.
  6. Yes they do get viewed, there are just lots of reports. If you need it looked at right away, you need to alert a Mod.
  7. the friend in question that has been having the issues usually becomes a target of the mods when they are brought in as well. I can not list specific cases, (as i said, it's been a while since i've been on the server) but i am aware that they have occurred since i was present for them. in the past
  8. I can say that every single report is indeed looked into and we do probably 200% more investigating on them than any other server would grant towards a system like this. It's why I'm very specific when choosing staff around here, I want to be sure they'd take that time to go over reports and do things right. You may not hear "something" about every report you do, but it is getting looked at and having action done on it.

    If you have something bigger than a report would do (reports are mainly for things like chat infractions, etc.) you need to pm a moderator on the site with details of what you need us to know.
  9. To add, including screenshots in your reports is the quickest and easiest way for staff to take action. :)
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