[Suggestion] Improved /v command

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  1. Don't know if anyone has noticed but I tend to like having things done faster.

    One of these things is when I do the /tell PlayerName command, where I type "/tell smo" and then "TAB" and then chat inputs the rest of the player name from the current player list on the server changing it to "/tell smongoman24" who is one of my friends on the server smp4. Well I find this command very usefull especially when the Player Name is not easy to remember how to spell.

    The inprovement I would love to see is this be extended to the /v PlayerName command as at the moment when I type "TAB" after "/v sm" nothing happens, so unless I know the exact letters it is hard to type the whole Player Name, Specialy when player have zeros and 1, 5 to replace o and i, s and other combinations or very long names. Notice that when in chat you can't press TAB to look up the spelling of a player name.

    This would make my teleporting habbits to visit players res much easier, specialy when its not a player I'm use to visit often.
  2. Aikar said he would be getting around to do this with a bunch of commands that were old during the coding stream on twitch a while ago, but his priorities are on dragon tombs at the moment. Or so one would believe. ;)
  3. Start to memorize res addresses, it is much easier than TABing. If someone invites you to their res for any reason, but doesn't mention the number address, then ask them for it so that they will remember to mention it in the future.
  4. thanks for letting me know this, i wish i could watch the coding with aikar stream, however the timezone im in is not ideal.

    I do memorize a lot of residences, its just my brain does have a cap at which point if a learn a new one i forgot an old one.
  5. Same here, I suggest carrying around a book and quill, and then constantly add to it. It is literally an address book lol.
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