[SUGGESTION] Improved Mob Arena

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  1. Everyone knows of the Mob Arena on smp5. It’s fun. It’s amazing. It’s… rectangle.

    What if there was an arena, big, small, and all configurable by senior staff and admins. What if there were new macros for the staff to use?

    [Suggestion 1] Mob Arena World
    The shop has a separate world. It’d be cool if the Mob Arena had its own world too. Typing /mobarena or /ma would bring you there. Imagine all the cool things that you could do to this.
    The world would be configurable by staff. One day, the world could be a barren desert. The next, a frozen kingdom. Who knows what clever ways the staff can think of to kill you?
    There’d also be an official Mob Arena Shop. It’d sell things for ridiculously expensive prices. Actually, the prices now surprised me. I thought they’d be higher…
    The arena would be a dome with bleachers and such.

    [Suggestion 2] Commands
    Player Commands
    · /mobarena
    o /ma
    · /mobarena shop
    o /ma shop
    · /mobarena leave
    o /ma leave
    Staff Commands/macros
    I don’t know exactly how this works, so please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, I know some of these already exist!
    · /mobarena minefield
    o /ma mine
    · /mobarena lava
    o /ma lava
    · /mobarena flood
    o /ma flood
    · /mobarena drought
    o /ma dry
    · /mobarena piston
    o /ma push
    · /mobarena retract (retract pistons)
    o /ma retract
    · /mobarena maze (creates a maze throughout the arena)
    o /ma maze
    · /mobarena retract (retracts maze)
    o /ma retract
    · /mobarena dragonstrafe (an invincible dragon quickly sweeps through the arena. Causes knockback
    o /ma ds
    · /mobarena witherstrafe (Group of invincible withers that quickly strafe the arena)
    o /ma ws
    · /mobarena tornado (Creates a wither-nado)
    o /ma tor
    · /mobarena spider (The cobwebs and spider spawners)
    o /ma spi
    · /mobarena kick [player] (kicks glitched/afk player)
    o /ma kick [player]
    · /mobarena open (opens mob arena)
    o /ma open
    · /mobarena close (Closes mobarena)
    o /ma close
    More to come! Please leave suggestions below.

    I’ll think of more. Maybe. For now, please respond! Thanks

  2. I think that a building contest would be a great way to redesign it. I personally would like to see something with varying terrain in it, using sticky pistons.
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  3. The shop has it's own world on each server so you wouldn't see someone from SMP9 using the shop if you were on SMP6 but maybe have it's own server? I know they stated that they weren't adding anymore but it would stop people from visiting SMP5 all the time and spamming Town chat every Wednesday.
  4. But we like it when people visit SMP5 ._.
  5. Meh, just saying I would probably turn off chat while MA's going on.