[Suggestion] IMing on EMC site

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Your thoughts on this idea?

Yes 17 vote(s) 77.3%
No 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Too much work 2 vote(s) 9.1%
Other (comment) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. As you all know we have the infamous private message, the regular forum, and the main page. What we don't have for quick chat between members that pops up on a little toolbar on the bottom of the screen is Instant Messaging.

    Just as Facebook has its IM I am suggesting we implement something like this for quick chatting between members that won't clutter their inboxes with worthless questions from noobs, (I'm thinking of your Leo don't worry ;)) random ban appeals gone astray (lol), and other things also.

    You don't have to follow someone to chat with them they just have to be online the forums and start chat with ________.

    You could be able to change your status to invisible/ do not disturb/ away/ online.

    Also like other IM's we could use the following thing to be able to have a friend's list.

    Here is a link to a vBulletin plugin for a chat:
    ^^Link is for an idea of what this looks like and how it might be implimented :p (also yes I know we you Xenothingy haha I know we could find one and mod it to our needs..

    Now ban appeals would still be PMs and not instant messages because that is very unprofessional but this could be a cool thing for EMC to have.

    I have made a poll up above if you have any thoughts specifically put them below :)
  2. Where's the bear?
  3. keep him out, this is a good idea
  4. I like it,But how about an IM chat for everyone who's online.
  5. A global chat? I've seen them on other sites.. Don't know if it would be a good idea for here although
  6. I think it'd be a cool idea, :p

    A way to chat with everyone faster...and well yh
  7. We'll see ;)
  8. I like the idea. The only issues i can see are the ones who come in to troll and spam stuff.
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  9. Maybe like 100 Posts to start using the Chat box? or something alike?
  10. the spam thing is why I don't want the global chat just IMing between 2 people or maybe even a group
  11. Yeah I've been on sites where people couldn't control themselves and the mods shut off the chatbox for a while. :/
  12. Good idea. Not!
  13. This is actually quite a good idea, so let's leave our possibly dead 'how 'bout no' bear out of it.

    While there are SOME flaws with it, this should actually be implemented. And like you said, Wafflez, a global chat would really mess up the EMC website. Take a look at the text-based RPG MMO, Reptile Breeder. There's an annoying little ping whenever somebody types a message, and when the traffic is at its limits on that game that ping sound comes every 2 seconds. And Caudata.org (yes I have caudate pets..) has one and people report their problems into the different global chat channels and its annoying like heck.
  14. how-about-no-bear2.jpg

    I don't think it's too bad of an idea. I don't like that I'd have to download and install a plugin or something. I do think we need a centralized chat system of some sort. A lot of people are already using Skype, Ventrilo , and other applications so a common application that everyone or nearly everyone uses would be nice.
  15. Will ANYONE Come To 19391, 19016, Or 19017 On Smp9 Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Appriciate It XD
  16. I'm sorry sir this is not the post for you :p You can make your own thread about youself. Also welcome to EMC!
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  17. Herb?
  18. Charip.......