[SUGGESTION] Ignore ','s in private.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Joshyy, May 17, 2012.


Good idea?

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  1. Alright, I have a small and simple suggestion. When your using /tell Joshp or @joshp if you accidentally put a ',' after it, As I and quite a few people do, It ignores it as if it's not there, As at the moment, It would reply 'Joshp,' is not a valid username. Simple suggestion, Tell me what you think

  2. Personaly its not a problem, but if it is for other i dont see why not
  3. ._. I lost you @
  4. You can use @Joshp instead of /tell now
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  5. BLASPHEMY!!!!1!!1!11!!!1!111!!!
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  6. I like it :)
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  7. I find it ironic that you're a "grammar nerd" yet spelled it habbit instead of habit :)

    But honestly I know what you're saying. I've done this before and it's a pain.
  8. * Habit

    ^^^ She beat me to it ;)
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  9. I don't see what problem it would have with names, so it potentially could work. Now, I need to ask something.. Whenever I type into chat I use [reasonably] proper punctuation and spelling, but I've noticed that when I do apostrophes it screws up the letter after it. Is that a Mac-related issue, or MC issue, or is it a setting I must have on my Mac?

    What I mean is:
    That'' / That's
    Pands'' / Panda's
    They''e / They're
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  10. That's odd. Never had it do that. But I've done as Josh has said and typed something like:
    /tell HayleyColgan, Potatoes are delicious.

    And it tells me "can't find HayleyColgan, " or whatever that error message is. But never that weird one you're getting.
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  11. Pototaos ARE delicous
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  12. Not everyone is perfect :)
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  13. I like this, i also suffer from the same mistake often. Ill maybe see if i can solve it in my chat mod first and then move on to pestering Justin for it to happen in EMC server side. Thanks Josh.
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  14. So it's not just me with the comma thing? YAY! I find myself trying to use tab completion all the time too :D