[Suggestion/Idea generating] A virtual market.

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  1. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/dynamicmarket/
    I am not suggesting we use that plugin, just make a feature like it. I think we should have a virtual market. I know that it was mentioned in Aikar's economy thread long, long ago, but nothing has been mentioned of it since.

    I have been playing on a Pixelmon server recently, and there is a chest GUI based market system that I absolutely love. It is easy to use and takes little to no time to master. All you do is run a few commands and you can sell items virtually without having to build a shop. It is not perfect, but our Devs can make the perfect one.

    There are two big problems I can see with this. First, traditional shops owners have spent a good amount of time building their shops and making the user experience smooth. Secondly, players can fill up the shops with loads of over priced junk. My solution is to limit it to five listings (EDIT: one listing is capped at one stack of an item) per player (add more for supporters). This makes it impossible to run a virtual megamall, and also cuts down on the spam.

    I know that I have included very few details, but that is because I would rather not make an idea that people right away either like or dislike. I would like to spark a discussion thats ends with an idea everyone likes or concludes with no one liking it at all lol. Please post how you think it could be best optimized. One such idea I have it to make it category based, so that when I go looking for a sponge block, I don't have to deal with excessive amounts of sugar cane.

    Also, this system would not replace the current shop system, it would just be an added feature.
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  2. Although i think this could be added in the long term to maybe one of our future servers, i dont see it working right now. As you said there are many mega malls and little shops people are using and the owners would be a little disappointed to have to tear down days of building work. At the moment shops are working well and plenty are using them and personally i dont see why this is needed right now.

    Good idea but not quite a fit on EMC if you ask me
  3. I think the main issue with this is, as you stated, shop owners physical shops will be made redundant. Maybe there could be a quick buy features where you can buy items from any shop but with a 10 rupee charge. Such a system could also be linked to the site, but maybe with a 20 rupee charge to try and keep people in game.

    Also, OMFG it's plugin not pluggin!!!1!
  4. This is already a planned idea, I just want to get it more momentum again. There would be no need to tear down anything, this system would work in tangent with the current system until Aikar can make one huge system (after DT). I purposefully suggested that there be extreme limits to the amount of things a player is allowed to list because then the malls and larger shops still have quantity advantage.
    I like the fee idea, I know Aikar had planned on adding a % tax in the original plan.
    You didn't see anything >.>

    Also bump lol.
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  5. This would hurt the economy... It would make people on servers less interdependent if all they had to do was "/market", rather than buying from friends... It seems like the few who could have a well-stocked market shop would win, and many would suffer. Not to be a hater, that's just my take :p
  6. Please reread the OP. It would be impossible to have a well stocked market because of listing number limitations. I also don't see how it would hurt the economy, since it would only encourage economic action. It would make it easy for the guys who only wants to sell a few things, as he wouldn't have to build an entire shop setup or advertise in chat. Buying from friends shouldn't be an issue, as friends will still visit a friend's shop, and those transactions will still occur. If a friend finds a better deal on the virtual market, it will just encourage competitive pricing, leading to an overall healthier economy.
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