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  1. I thought of this idea because im making a maze and want the contestants to be able to pay to enter so i was thinking that a system could be made to allow a player to buy a tp into an area the same way shops work.. obviously people cant be on 24/7 to grant access and i want to have an entry fee because of the money i spent on it was.. lets say.. it wasn't cheap, so i wanna bit of income. So i was thinking that you could somthing like /res tppay and then a sign saying "teleport":"500r" or somthing like that. I know there could be alot of potential uses.
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  2. This is the wrong section of the forums to post this in, it should be posted in the "Suggestion Box" forums. A moderator will likely relocate this for you.

    This sounds like a great idea but perhaps the sign could be directly above the pressure plate and could be set up as so

    You could also have this as a way of giving out rupee prizes for completing the maze but you won't be cheated out of your rupees because when they get the rupees they'd be teleported away anyway :)