[SUGGESTION] How about an emerald supporter

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What do you think about emerald supporter?

Yes, I would like that 0 vote(s) 0.0%
We have enough supporter choices already 4 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Right now there are iron, gold, and diamond supporter, you could make one more, called emerald, that costs 25, and adds a few more things that they can do, that others can't, just a suggestion, since 1.3 came out and emeralds are rarer than diamond, only found in mountain biomes.
    OK, ignore it now, i have to find out how to change or remove the post... cant you guys just calm down please. I dont need 15 comments saying the same thing
  2. been suggested 100 times, its not gonna happen.
  3. FYI this isn't the first time someone suggested emerald supporter. And i don't see a point why we need fourth supporter subscribtion.
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  4. Ok, ok, i will remove it then...
  6. "remove" what?
  7. didnt i just say i would remove it, read before comment please
  8. If i load up the page, and the comment hasn't been posted yet, I cant see it unless I refresh the page, or post my comment :p
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  9. but if 5 other people have said it before you, i dont think saying it yourself will help lol
  10. I know this wouldn't be added to EMC, but list a few perks that it'll have if it was EMC. To everybody else, he probally doesn't know if it was suggested a lot. Calm down, and try to be constructive with the idea! Maybe if it is explain a little more, maybe it'll be added!
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  11. Don't worry about all the comments. They are right a lot of new supporter memberships have been suggested, however at this time there really isn't to much we could add to one to make one. It is possible' in the future (though not a guarantee) and we DO appreciate the suggestions, even if they've been given before, so don't feel bad about posting. :)
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