[SUGGESTION]Horses travel in Nether Portals

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Want it?

+1 5 vote(s) 45.5%
-1 2 vote(s) 18.2%
+-0 1 vote(s) 9.1%
+Geckos, totally not biased option 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Apparently EMC disabbled overworld-nether travel for horses, it is a very usefull feature that the game already has. In EMC you have to /stable that horse, then enter that nether portal, and then summon it... It doesnt make sense to me, so I would like the feature back/implemented.

    Edit: in vanilla while RIDING a horse it cannot travel, but the horses CAN travel in portal while alone, so you just have to dismount and it travels(in EMC horses dont travel in portals), but anyway, if Aikar could make it so you dont have to dismount it would be great

    p.s. #makeEMCbirdagain
  2. +1 Fullstop
  3. I'll give a +1 for all mobs being able to travel through portals.
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  4. I believe it used to be in vanilla that you used a lead to get your horse through the portal. And yes, I would have loved for that to be available. I now have 10 stables, so I don't worry about it anymore. For anyone else, this would really improve the game.

  5. I would hope that adding a non-vanilla effect that does little for most people would be a very low priority on his list. Also, pushing horses through a portal seems to kill them quite often so I will be quite happy with my 2 macros for stable store and summon, having voted enough to get 10 stable vouchers so that it costs me nothing.

    Really, this would be nice but the original post was to add something back that isn't in vanilla but is now a suggestion I don't think is necessary.
  6. voted enough? You'd think this'd be a staff perk :p I did not know that this existed though +1
  7. try it in vanilla. its been there for awhile.
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  8. I don't play vanilla. Not enough staff.
  9. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't send the horses to Hades........ He like to watch them burn....
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  10. I'll +1 this only if he adds my horse poop idea in at the same time. Horses don't get enough attention.
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  11. I believe I know why they removed that feature. In minecraft, if the nether portal didn't have enough space the horse would glitch into the wall and suffocate itself. This can be a pretty bad problem if your bringing your 10 heart 130 speed horse through the portal and you can't get it out of the wall once you pass through. Stabling will alert you if your horse doesn't have enough room to spawn, but passing through portals in the wastelands and wilderness could cause you to lose your horse.
  12. So... I mean a horse death is rare, but not something that we need to prevent. Losing a speed 130 shouldnt that big of a deal. Of course if you have speed 137 you should take precautions) Also im sure that aikar(or chicken) can do some magic so the MC code is not glitchy. Of course if it requires a lot of code, i would expect it after the empires update, but i just wanted this needed feature for most wild players to get put on the update list(maybe in a week or maybe in a year... Donno..)