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  1. I've started a horse breeding business, and have begun going out into the wild to find wild horses. Now, as I need more wild horses to generate, I try to egg every wild horse I see. This is really expensive (still need an eggification wand!), as I can't sell the vast majority of the horses for more than the 100 Rupees it costs to egg them, but it seems the best method other than just killing them.

    It appears that some adventurers are taking another approach, trying to ride the wild horses until they get the hearts, checking /horse, then abandoning the horse. While cheaper, it screws over the people who regularly use this resource.

    Is there any way to make the 15 day dereliction policy more strict for horses in the waste to help ameliorate this problem? Either restrict it to going close to your horse every seven days, or require that you put a saddle or something on it to show that you're actually spending your resources on this, so as to discourage this tame-and-abandon strategy. I'm not looking to take away anyone's owned horses, but the situation in the waste is getting ridiculous.
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  2. If you get ahold of an eggcellent egg wand (Easter Promo) or whatever its called, the eggify cost is halved.. But do agree that something should be done about the tag and toss of horses in, if anything, the wastelands where resources are artificially limited.. And honestly, I think it should be <24 hours in the wastelands, unless you have placed a saddle, armor and/or saddlebags on it, or maybe even tethered.. The wasteland is about gathering resources not abandoning less than desirable B.O.B.'s
  3. The issue is finding a way to fix your issue without affecting those that live in the wild with their horses. This is why it cannot be <24 hours.
  4. That's why I suggested a saddle or some other investment in the horse so that if someone does that to 10 horses that they don't plan to keep, they're out 10 saddles.

    Edit: And re: AutumnRain - I will certainly be looking at an eggcellent wand when its cost isn't the same as my life savings. :D
  5. It could also be something simple as allowing naming as part of the stable commands and named horses are not subject to despawn.. :\ ..And as I stated, if anything, it should only affect the wasteland, not so much with the frontier.. As the wastelands is limited to what 15k*15k? That severely limits the areas where horse can spawn, as they spawn in specific biomes, what if a wastelands reset theoretically cause only a small area to generate that complies with the Horse Spawn and all of the horses in that biome is tagged in this manner by one overzealous player with no regards to other players.. Another thing that could alleviate this is a Horse Park of sorts in towns that spawns horses that can be eggifyed by players with like a limit to how many horses each player can take in a predetermined amount of time, and this tame and ditch affects the eggify limit..?
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  6. A lot of those are interesting ideas, but VERY code intensive to set specific time limits, area limits, etc.
    I'm sure the dev team can think of something that will work specifically for EMC, but for now it's not such an easy 'flip a switch' type of action.
  7. Horses can be bred perfectly in town, without an eggification cost. The bred horses will also somewhat share the stats of its parents, so if you want more speed, just breed your two fastest horses. This way you're not just randomly running around plains searching for random horses when you can have a lot just by breeding every 5 minutes.
    Regarding the Eggification Wand, PM me in-game and I'll see if I can get you one.
  8. I most certainly am breeding my horses, it's just very slow work. I'll be happy to PM you.

    Edit: It's a matter that I can't afford the 15k yet, not that I can't find someone who sells the wand.