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  1. This is just a suggestion. If there was a command shortcut like /h for the home command, it would be easier to get home. Now if someone had more than 1 home they would do /h 2, 3, or 4. I was wondering if this could be implemented because I am too lazy to type /home all the time. I am sure this would be easy to add to EMC seeing as it just is a shortcut for an existing command.
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  2. probably not. its only 3 more letters.
  3. I think you would have to be very lazy not to be able to type 5 keys on the keyboard. This shouldn't be implemented because we need less lazy people in this world.
  4. I was curious why this was never added, to be honest. In the original post that suggested shortening /visit to /v, /goto to /g and /mode to /m, it also suggested /h for /home. I guess it just never made the cut.
  5. After doing 50 times a day, you get board.
  6. Hmm...
  7. I type /v home about 3 times a week. I wish I didn't have to type /home 2 if I am on SMP9 (my second res)
  8. I imagine part of the reason /h isn't /home - is that there is another command starting with "h" - /help
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  9. then "/?" for /help?
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  10. Sure you could add shortcuts for these. But it is best to create shortcuts that make a clear link with the original command.
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  11. I only reasoned that a question mark would signify someone needing help or a question answered
  12. Type /h then press Tab to see some commands that start with /h.
    Also this is a fast way to get full usernames of those who are on your server.
    Say you want to pay LongestUsernameinMCHistory3000 100 rupees... well if they are on your server, type L then press Tab, and press Tab again until you get to that username.
  13. And there is a longer way to get home :)
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  14. Doesn't work on EMC sadly, or at least, not for most commands. They never got added to the thing Bukkit reads them from. :(
  15. That also works with any amount of e's and r's too lol
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  16. I do like this suggestion of making /h a shortcut for /home.
    /home is one of the most frequent commands in town, whereas /help is less common.
  17. Darn! I forgot the poll! :mad: Oh, well, I could make a thread just for the poll...
  18. coughmaybecough
  19. This guy typed out 382 characters just so he could suggest to abbreviate a command that isn't even long in the first place. Suck it up and type a four letter word... It builds character xD
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  20. lol wut? 382 characters is incorrect, don't forget the numbers XD Anyways this is just a suggestion and I wouldn't have hurt feelings if it wasn't implemented. Also it builds character? If you want to do that just go outside :p