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  1. Just a thought. Free members would get the entity count as it stands now. For each supporter rank you go up, so would your entity limit.

    Just a thought, lets build. :)
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  2. Supporter rankings already give more residences. More residences = more entities...
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  3. ~How About No Bear~

    +1 what krysy said.
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  4. lolol - she told you :p
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  5. even though i was going to agree with you, it never did hit me that that us having more res' already gives us more.
    >.< go krysyy for having brains.
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  6. I didn't give an amount of entities because I know very little on how many affect the server per person. Multiple residents is a way to circumvent the system. However these servers do need funding to exist. We've seen the cons to this idea, are there any pros?
  7. Reduced lag.
    Not being stuck down to single digit fps because your neighbour has like 500 animals on his res.
    Overall, a better server experience for everyone.
    The list could go on.
  8. I meant pros to my idea. Like I said before, I didn't give a specific entity #. That would be up to the admins to figure out what the server can and can't handle.

    EDIT: Lets assume the sever could handle a few more. What of the idea then?
  9. Oh nvm lol,
    But as said before supporter=more res=more animals.
    And I'm going to guess that the entities are set to 100 per res for a reason, because that is the limit of what would be fairly possible. I'm also guessing that if Aikar knew that he could have more (say 125 or 150) he would have done that.
  10. I can't disagree with that.
  11. And that's how I like it, no arguments. :)
  12. I think is a good idea. Because if you have ress on differnet servers then you will have go thru the vault. I know its not bad but it can get annyoing.