[Suggestion] Hide threads from recently active threads

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Hide threads from recently active thread?

Yes 16 vote(s) 76.2%
No 5 vote(s) 23.8%
  1. The title basically says it all, I just sometimes find it annoying when threads I am not interested in are always in the recently active thread section (Auctions and thread games mostly) So all this suggestion is to be able to have a option where you can 'Hide' from thread list. So what do you think? Not a massive problem but just a thought.
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  2. I don't personally have a problem with the active threads list so this would be no use to me, but still I think it wouldn't hurt anybody if you could do this. Because obviously your not going to look at a thread thats not interesting to you so no harm in it not being there for you.
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  3. Great idea! The recently active list is the first place I go when viewing emc, and seeing it filled with auctions is quite annoying.
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  4. Bump :D
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  5. I don't really understand why this would be necessary. The is always the chance you might want to play a forum game or bid on an auction, too.
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  6. I don't just specifically mean auctions or forum games, it can be any thread. What about if its a auction you can't afford or you simply just don't want? If you wanted the would be a option to 'Show' the thread again.
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  7. I just feel it would be taking up space and be kind of pointless to design, plus, you might get enough money to bid on it again.
  8. This is actually a good idea. And would be very easy to do as far as I know.

    Also if there is a spam thread you could hide it until it gets deleted. And maybe staff could specify threads that can't be hidden.
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  9. I like the idea, with some adjustments;

    Not sure if you're saying you want to be able to hide the recently active threads list full stop, but I doubt that. Plus I wouldn't support it as you'd just not look at it.

    I think it'd be great if we had the option of filtering different TOPICS in our recently active list, so you could stop Miscellaneous threads from showing up for example. This could be set in the [Player name] > Preferences menu.

    *EDIT* Nevermind, I get it now. I support both ideas.
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  10. Thanks, I am also in support of this idea :)
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  11. This is a good idea.
    It has my hoof in support : )
  12. Long awaited bump, If a staff member sees this can I have your opinion on it please? :)
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  13. Bump! :D
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  14. Bump? ;)
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  15. Bump for the lolz! (It's my thread, I can bump it after 4 months if I like :p) It would be nice to have a admins opinion on this ;)
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  16. are you meaning to hide the entire recently active thread section all together? or just specific threads separately?
  17. Specific ones, ones that you may not be interested in like specific auctions. If you wanted to hide the recently active thread box, that would be easy, you could just ignore it completely. :)
  18. okay.. i thought you meant the entire section.. that is like my favorite part of the entire forum. lol but, now that you say just specific ones that is appealing.
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  19. I like, I really only bid on auctions when I seek them out in the actual category...