[SUGGESTION]Hidden tripwire

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  1. it would be a sign that acts as a tripwire
    it would work like this:

    A A A
    A A A
    A A A
    F F F
    R S R

    R=Redstone dust

    The sign would detect if any player is on the Air blocks and it would send a signal
    This is a 1 width space...
    I think this would be very useful, at least for me

    What do you think?
    Please leave feedback in comments
  2. I'm not sure if this is possible. Though it could be an awesome feature.
  3. It would be better for people who know redstone lol. Not for me, but maybe for someone else :)
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  4. Cool Idea! +π :)
  5. It would look similar to this:
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  6. This would not be possible to accomplish. I need to get working on my Feature sign activated redstone again soon. That would probably help instead, right? :)
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