[Suggestion] Have previous usernames in /p.

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  1. I just thought of something useful.

    Name changes could be quite toxic in terms of people using them to fake things (not to staff but to other players). Therefore, I suggest adding a small bar to /p saying the last few name changes or so made by that person.
  2. Yes, that would be VERY useful! I love it, since I am thinking about changing my name and many people know me by Chocolate or Chocolate800. +1 =D
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  3. Yes! It is a great idea. It might be a little rough to code though? You would have to link it to an external source that has record of our name changes.
  4. Good Idea, maybe have only the original one there, because the name can be changed more than once.
  5. I think this would be a useful addition for when name changes become available on EMC :)
  6. What if someone wanted to start a new life on Emc and reset their res and stuff. Wanted to make new friends. All be kinda spoiled by /p
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  7. New account.
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  8. I think this will definitely be useful once name changes are implemented! +1 ^_^
  9. You can easily find out old/new names on a variety of websites. A /p setting won't effect a player's ability to find info on the previous names of another player.

    That being said, I wouldn't like to see this, as it seems like a bunch of extra work, especially since there are multiple sites that already check previous names.
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  10. Although it'd be useful, I don't see the actual use of it. Where will it come in handy? It's a very interesting idea and I'm sure it could facilitate some things, however it would be difficult to code as it requires some outside sources (the magical internet). I will remain neutral on this idea. =P
  11. Actually, caden, it could just use the database from EMC and find similar UUIDs of the player and just put it under the /p of the newer player with that UUID. Given that it doesn't really matter if a player 1hr old changed their name 2hrs earlier =)

    +1 on the idea by the way, I believe it'd be quite handy for giving credibility to people for when name changes come out, in keeping old friends of course and other such things
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  12. As much as this idea can go both ways some may say that's it good for the purpose of knowing who they were before (old friends) etc. Some may say that there is not much use for it or maybe someone wants to start a "new life" but all in all there are many websites out there that all you have to do is enter the old name or the new name of the player, and it will show you what they changed their name too similar to what you were looking for on EMC with /p

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  13. I think this would be good, but they would have to allow name changes first :p
  14. Hmm.. Maybe when EMC adds name changing capability, they could make an array of strings with all the usernames they have used. Then, also put the array in order so it can just read top to bottom in the order of first usernames used to last me usernames used.The server could update the array every time you login and check if a new username is used. If a new username is used, add a string to the array with the new username. Also, you could just have like 50 null strings and just add values to those strings as new usernames are used. And, just have a bunch of if statements trying to find the last non-null string. Well, let's see how many things are wrong with my barely any coding experience reply..
  15. this is already a planned feature and will include a /ps setting to hide it if you absolutely really want to, but as said above, it is impossible to fully hide your previous name as tons of websites will tell your name history.

    But we want it there to help keep the community familiarity there, as if someone sees someone and does /p, sees an old name they know they were friends with, they can remember that it is someone they know, incase they were unaware of the name change.
  16. Okay.