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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you an idea I had in my head! So, I'm not sure, but unless we had this last year, and Krysyy is planning to make a thread about it this year, I'd like to have a Halloween Promo! My idea for the promo would be that it would be a Skeleton Head, and it would be named A Friends Skull. Then, the lore would be "A Friend died and this is their skull." or something like that. Anyways, It be enchanted with whatever the empire decides to enchanted it with. This item will be optinated with /promo get Skeleton Head. Anyways, I just though it would be a nice idea for the empire. I'm very sorry if they did this last year, (I wasn't here from Halloween last year), or if Krysyy is planning to make a thread for it. I'll be at a hockey game for Halloween this year, so peace out yooo. But, yeah. Just making this suggestion if the Empire didn't already come out with it. Anyways, have a nice day!


    Happy Halloween!
  2. Fill out this:
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  3. I was looking for that link!! Thanks :)
    Emm, what's the link? It didn't work..
  4. You have to type it into your browser.

    Here's a clickable link:
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  5. Ohhh ok. Thanks though :)