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Would you like to see this implemented?

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  1. Currently the way Flag Groups are done is by adding "group[+flag -flag]" to the flag list per person. I was thinking that to shorten up the sights of seeing the same group over and over per person is that it could be done the opposite way around.
    What I mean by this is that the group comes first, lists the flags, and then the player names;
    group[+flag -flag | Player1 Player2 Player3]
    This would no longer show groups inside each player's name, and instead list them inside this singular group tab. And if the person has anymore flags than what's given inside the group it would just show their name afterwards with only that flag, and not the group's as well.
  2. Bump! Lemme know what you guys think about this =)
  3. not sure.

    when i check info i want to see all flags a player has. now i can look at the player, but with this id have to search for his flags b/c i wont be even sure if hes in more than one group.

    so -1 from me, soz :confused:

    u already got that other command for this i think... /res glist?

    that shows groups with flags and then players inside.
  4. As Aya mentioned, it would make it difficult to see what flags a player specifically has.

    So won't be doing that.
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