[SUGGESTION] Giving players items

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  1. So, I often find, that I get a promo with my alt, but it's too much of a hassle to try and log my main account on as well and I find that having more than one client open, lags my computer out, a fair bit.

    So, I had an idea, what there could be a /give or /pass or something similar command to allow you to send items to another player. You'd select the item in your hot bar, and the type
    /[command] [username]
  2. Good idea, I definitely approve! I don't think it would be /give though, as it would affect those staff members in Cretative mode to get an item (I think! Not too sure about that. :p).
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  3. cant you just set up a chest with access to you main and get it later when you log in on it?
  4. Haha, I thought the same thing... Then I got an alt...
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  5. Great idea I hate having to wait for incompetent players who don't know how to find the chest on my res
  6. I have an alt, and I fail to see what's difficult on having a chest on one or all of your resses that both have access to?
  7. Yeah, I thought that :p
    Well, you can, but what if you're on a server where you have no perms on any res on that server? But I am in the wild on almost every server, there are only two servers which I am in town on both accounts. Also, that brings up a good point, this shouldn't work in the wild.
  8. Yeah, no matter how difficult you believe the access system is for alternate accounts, that is not what it is designed for. It works great for the individual accounts it is aimed at. I doubt any time soon we will be making additions like this just to benefit those that have alternate accounts. We have a system that works, and works great. Apamment even mentioned that it works just fine for alts. If you are having an issue with alts or whatever and perms on whatever server, I mean, you bought the extra account. We are not going to change the system so you can get more of things that players with 1 account get 1 of.
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  9. Then you would use the vault?
  10. I could, but the amount of money spent would slowly increase...
    This would not just be for people with alts though, if you had an item to give to another player, you could without them being online or an access chest being set up etc.
  11. So the system would bypass the vault fee? Or would your system charge a fee?
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  12. You're using your alt to get free promo items, most of which are worth 5-10k. Is it an issue to pay a small fee to transfer it?

    I simply create an access chest with my alt's name on it and have them drop it off, it works fine.
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  13. To drop off anything I want from an alt, I just vault it over (its barely anything really to pay for it to fo over) and pop it in a hopper, simple as that. ~FDNY21
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