[SUGGESTION] .gif Pictures as Profile Picture

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Good or bad?

Good! 12 vote(s) 70.6%
Bad! 5 vote(s) 29.4%
  1. It's quite simple, really. Also, I think most people want this option.

    Just add the option to liek allow pplz0r to use .gif pix as their profile picture. Obviously, this is gonna be low priority, so we can all use the nice patience that we were all born with.

    See ya.
  2. This could be both bad and good....
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  3. Well this seems like a cool idea, but remember that one time nick using gifs in signatures to make popping jeff.... not again...
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  4. This would be cool but if to many people had gifs, it could lag the site
  5. Oh, he still can now, I'll be sure to have a word with him /jk

    But, I remember Aikar saying that most suggestions to the site can't be done as EMC does not code the website, you might have to go to Xenforo with this suggestion perhaps?
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  6. Perhaps, yes, but I the only problem I see coming up is slower connections loading the GIFs a bit slower maybe, and even then, it's only happened to me on entire page fulls of GIFs
  7. Yeah but It can cause a lot of
  8. Xenforo does have the feature (not saying the version EMC has installed currently has it though). However, it is possible to disable it, which I suspect EMC has done, either intentionally or accidently (it's chosen based on the image library the site uses).
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  9. Well, there could be the subject of lag in this. But what if there was either:
    a) a limit on the resolution of the picture, or
    b) a limit on how long the gif is?
    This could close some possibilities to lag, as well as a possible option in the "Options" menu for disabling gifs in profile pictures. ;)

  10. I think we will likely not do this for the same reason your thread post is extremely hard to read and distracting *Center-Aligned*
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  11. Fixed it. :p


    We can haz gifz?
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  12. ...
  13. A few people have moving pictures... not saying they are gifs, but they are kind of gifs.
    Lasluin and collect12 to name two.
  14. I do remember seeing someone with a moving picture... but I can't remember who.
  15. Yeah. They uploaded gif files. But I meant the mini-profile picture (right below this)