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  1. Hey

    EMC grew alot! so i thought why don't make a gaming community, Not only Minecraft but... MW3, TF2, a Empire gaming community! Put comments below. with games.

  2. i meant for ALL platfroms, PS3, xBox, PC!
  3. GameKrib is for all
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  4. And GameKrib is a Justin and Jeremy thing.
  5. I think I agree with this
  6. Hm maybe,But there are already alot of gaming communities and EMC has not grown alot under the last couple of months so it might not get so many members? :p
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  7. Saints Row: The Third :D
    Portal 2 :D
    Tekkit? :D
    TF2 :D

    I got more, but I am too awesome to wright down :D
  8. Used to be, they don't run it anymore :)
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  9. Can you explain what GameKrib exacly is?
  10. It's basically a gaming community like the EMC forums, except with blogs and more in depth profiles. It kind of died though :/
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  11. This is exactly what Belta Squad is! (Beta was too boring. Added an l)
    Currently though we only play on Tekkit.
    But I'm always looking for people to play:
    BF3 On PC or PS3
    MW3 On PS3
    Tekkit on pc (of course)
    But yeah another gaming comunity would be awesome!

    p.S Gamekrib kinda sounds like a place where people design rooms for gamers.
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  12. PS3 FTW!
  13. You had made a typo,I fixed it for you :)
  14. you too ;)