[Suggestion] future command block uses

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  1. Whether you have read much into the new snapshots, but there is a new feature (mainly for adventure maps)

    They are only available to peoples who can spawn blocks, I don't know what authority level they would have on EMC; but it could make some things possible that were never an option.

    I am hoping that this will get some thoughts rolling that people hadn't thought about yet.

    An example would be the spleef arena at the amusement park on smp3. Justin had to create an area where everyone has build flags. This is still fairly far off, but if you have any ideas... post it here.
  2. Umm, I actually doubt that Vanilla Minecraft will be able to do the things I posted... official fail, there may eventually be a plug-in that allows these special commands; but I am going to report my OP to get it deleted.
  3. I have plans for things like Mob Arena (the one we have in SMP5 wild) and Spleef to be fully automated.

    Since we have found the source of our lag on EMC, we can open up alot more doors for cool stuff. Possibilities are endless :)
  4. Sorry to go OT here - But what is actually causing the lag? (SMP3 lags to the ground with 3 people online)
  5. There are definitely plenty of possibilities, but I think I just posted this to early. Since we don't know what extent/ limitations of the Command block will be
  6. What was the source? Animals?
  7. Yes Animals in town.

    SMP1 hit 11k active on Saturday... We are working on combating this problem and will hopefully be pushing out the fix this evening.
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  8. Sweet! I love when the lag gets fixed! Also on a side note I did get rid of the lag problem on 8 ;)
  9. Hey bob
  10. What?
  11. Umm, that is a very constructive post...
  12. This is a great idea, like Aikar said with the mob arena you could have pressure plates around that would spawn mobs when you stepped on them, also you could have teleporters that you could teleport you in and out of the arena.