[Suggestion] Frontier 100 Blocks Reset

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Good Idea?

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  1. I know the frontier will never be reset, but can we have the spawns reset? It would be a lot easier for horses, players, and everyone. :) Like the first 1-100 blocks? Or 1-50 blocks? I think it just be easier for travel.
  2. Occasionally Senior Staff+ manually reset the periodic reset area, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to do it again. :)
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  3. I didnt know they reset it sometimes
  4. Krysyy and the Sr Staff have spent-sometimes weeks-cleaning up the frontier spawn areas. It takes but a day to see them in ruins again. Unfortunately the periodic reset area (a great idea) has seen players build in them over time and doing a reset would result in the loss of those builds.

    As for resetting just the spawn area itself the issue is the the worlds are old and a regen may result in undesired things happening (like a desert becoming an ocean or worse-extreme high peaks)

    Best thing anyone can do to help is:
    • Do not mine for resources in the frontier. That's what the /waste is for
    • Do not build within 500 blocks of the spawn.