[SUGGESTION] Friends list comand, and Friends mail comand!

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  1. So I was thinking (1 minute ago) of why not adding a new command to the game.

    Imagine that you are alone in the server, n your res your own business, then you are thinking, why my friends are not in the server at the moment? Then you type the command, /friends list, or something. Then you can access to your list of friends that are connected to the servers of EMC, or to see their last time in the server.

    With the command you can add all your friends that you want, doing /friends list add (player’s name here). You can also kick ex friends by just entering the command, /friends list kick (player’s name here).

    With this command you can now know whenever your friends are online or not.
    With this command you can have your friends list.

    Also this could be very helpful with the friend’s mail!

    Adding the command friend’s mail, with the friend’s mail command you can mail your friends via any server of EMC.

    Trying to send a mail to your friends, just use the command /friends mail (player, or player’s name), helpful if you want to talk with them, if you don’t have any other via of communication, sending this mail will send a message that your friends can open it in any time.

    Or just willing to send a message to your friends to and just to say them hi, via server.

    Any recommendation or helpful suggestion is welcome, I still don’t know if these commands are helpful or that are any others that are very similar to this.
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  2. Can a moderator fix my bad grammar in the title? Please, someone correct it. Thanks for reading this comment :D.
  3. I believe this kind of thing has already been suggested, and added to future updates? If not, someone correct me :p
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  4. That was the first thing it came to my mind after posting this. But it could still be a very good idea, maybe.
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  5. This has been suggested many a times and I believe it's been stated several times that it's in the works. Lemme find a link or something. http://track.emc.gs/issue/SITE-14