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  1. So as I've started to become more active on the forums I've noticed something that bothers me. Many people will create threads for a group or organizations, such as LLO or, if your from smp7, TREES. But, if this group isn't extremely active on the forums, it won't take long until the thread becomes dead and old and then its not acceptable to bump it after so long. So I think it would really cool if there were pages on the site, where you could get approval to create a page for your group, maybe have some more freedom in how the page looked or something, and then that would be an area in the forum where you could search alphabetically or something for your group, and that could be how you all communicate, without having to worry about keeping a thread active.

    Also, maybe the head of the group would have more control over organizing the conversation, so you wouldn't have look through tons of pages to find something, as you do at the LLO thread.

    I think this would be really useful and cool.
  2. Seems cool. It would seem useful to clean up the thread right then and there. And adding on to the idea, have the ability to move important posts to the front page.
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  3. Thats a good idea. Or maybe like have several areas on the front page of the page with important info, and then like on another tab there could be the regular posts and converstation.
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  4. Sounds cool.

    I know the game www.habbo.com do the same you purchase a group (Using in game currency) then you can make a page for the group to be seen. I like his idea :) Maybe a search? And have the URL: groups.empireminecraft.com
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  5. I wonder if a thing like Buddypress groups exists for Xenforo. That could work perfectly for this...
  6. I agree, Great idea! This would be really useful and like you have said it would clean up the forums. Also maybe in the group pages you could have member lists and be able to private message the entire group outside of the game here or just make it so only members could view the group.