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  1. Many have noticed that the forums have less activity on them. I realize that many new players were lost due to mandatory forum registration previously, however I feel that an emphasis on forum registration is still very important.

    My suggestion is to have a bonus for forum registrants. For example, the daily bonus may be 150r instead of 100r if you are registered on the forums. Or a bonus 50r for posting on the forums on a given day.

    You may consider having the trophies on the forum be worth rupees or items. You could also do rupees per post. Though these ideas have the disadvantage of encouraging 'junk' posts, so I would think that the main goal should simply be to drive people to the forums.
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  2. I like the idea but I would suggest maybe every 3 months your on the forums you get a special item so it doesn't encourage random posts.
  3. The forum is only useful if people come on every day or at least very regularly. I debated whether to make it based on just viewing the forums or posting. If it's just viewing then you might get people who click and don't even read anything.

    As it is, the forums lose a lot of use if people don't use them. I can post a good deal on the forums and nobody will see it. Great new businesses can't really find a customer base because 90% of EMC probably doesn't even use the forums. And so, why waste your time posting when you can focus on advertising in-game instead? As a result, even less forum activity.

    Compared to that, having some extra meaningless posts is a minimal cost. If it is a real problem then set a rule and enforce it. You are not rewarding per post, simply rewarding having any posts at all in a single day. So it's not like those sites that pay per post and get the same person posting hundreds of junk posts.
  4. trophy points could lead to a multiplier?

    Say you reach 100 trophies you receive 10% more bonus added onto your daily bonus ... 150 trophies you receive 15% more ... and all trophies you receive 25% more plus a veteran symbol?
  5. I think it would be great if we got more active members on the forums. As long as they were prompted to make 'smarter' posts and not just spam and auction bids.
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