[Suggestion] Forum Account Merging

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by 1MB, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. There are a lot of players with more than one account ...and with being able to play on emc before you have to register on the site, I thought this might now be possible.

    I'll use myself as an example]

    I have eklektoi ... I have WCG_Elite ... You would select which one you want as your primary account ... and then select which one(s) you would want as your sub account(s) ...

    Then when you login, your primary account is your default ... and under the \/ arrow or somewhere is an option to switch profile ... and it will list all the accounts you have ... you select one and it will switch to it.

    This will make it easier for players with multiple accounts to not have to login/logout to every account if you primarily use one account, but still receive messages and alerts on the other(s).

    edit: proper verification would still be necessary of course
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  2. This is a great idea if it is possible to implement without breaking things.

    Speaking of which....*goes to check alt's accounts*
  3. +1 This is a really cool idea!
  4. I was initially thinking of having your sub accounts - when people try to view them would redirect them to your primary account page... but then I thought some people might want to have logins merged but still have their alts' names anonymous. :p
  5. This is a great idea, however I do not think this would be easily implemented using Xenforo, but if it could be added it would be very useful :)
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  6. I like it (I have one main account and 3 alts ;))
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