[suggestion] for Staff vs. World

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Yes or no?

+1 8 vote(s) 61.5%
+0 1 vote(s) 7.7%
-1 4 vote(s) 30.8%
  1. When I see the "World" and "Staff" in the name I think of all the players in one group and all the staff in one group, this may turn out to be a terrible idea, a meh idea, or a great idea. Just when I first saw this event on its debut I was thinking of every player in a group and staff in a group defending themselves. Of corse I see players wanting over players heads, just wanted your input on this. Thesis: Staff should be in one group, all players in another group
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  2. That is the point of the event, hence the Staff vs World. Last time, we had a group of 35 against the Staff.
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  3. Ive just noticed, like as of this post, players are in like 3 groups and not in one. Me and Nccoryg where discussing this.
  4. That happens a lot in PvP events and regular PvP games created by the players. It does annoy me quite a bit, but how are you going to persuade someone to give up the group they started?
  5. Had so much fun, got to kill staff about 10 times in one death. So I had fun :)
  6. Give mods and above some kind of ability to set "teams" in Arenas, for events like this? In terms of coding logic, "If (regular player), add to (Team 1), elseif (staff) add to (Team 2)." Probably with a confirmation warning attached: "NOTICE: This is a Staff vs World event. Entering this arena will automatically add you to a new group. Proceed?"

    Basically, take the "convincing" part out and make it a coded setting.
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  7. Never thought of that! Good idea :)
  8. I attended this weeks(on my other account) and almost everyone was in the same group so you couldn't kill each other, just the staff.
  9. I can probably make a bot that can handle this. It probably won't be done in time for the next Staff vs World, and the person will still have to accept, but I can do automatic invites reasonably easily.
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  10. Thans :)