[suggestion] for new players

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  1. Earlier this year I started to say welcome to the empire when someone joined... That lasted not long.

    Why not have more than one person do this... Welcoming people will make them hopefully want to stay.
    I will try and start welcoming people but I have school...

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  2. I make it a point to do so anytime someone joins and I am on =)

    Many players judge a server within an hour of joining. Make sure that hour is the best ever!
  3. Many players including me (most of the time) welcome players so they do feel welcome and I often say 'if you need help then just ask'. Some players even give rupees and spend time with new players to make them feel welcome. I think we do a pretty good job at welcoming people :) (most of the time anyways :p)
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  4. I mean on the forums
  5. On the forums, they can create their on introduction page which I have seen many do before and you give them a warm welcome on their thread! :)
  6. well... i like welcoming them where they would never expect it to be.
  7. I greet them on a horse at newplspawn when I can :). If we want more members, we have to welcome the new players!!!!
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  8. Oh I do it if I see it on the active thread list. I got really busy, but when I was ingame I would say hi to some but not others; depending on if I was working, afk, or could do it.