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  1. I suggest that on your birthday, you should get 1K as a gift. It would be a nice little way to say happy birthday to you! Also, 1K isn't a whole lot, so I think the economy should be able to handle it...
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  2. The problem is that people can change their birthday, so at 11:59pm, you'd have 15000 people change it to the next day. So they would get an extra 1k rupees everyday.
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  3. Well, you can only change your birthday is by getting a moderator to do it, when they would figure it out that you just want the rupees.
  4. still i think it should be 10k :D
  5. We need to get a mod on this thread, this is an amazing idea! Though I think it should be 1.5k
  6. Money doesn't just poof out of thin air. ( unless your a mod/admin )
  7. Well yeah, where else would the money come from? If its your birthday you recieve 1k from the server and a "Happy Birthday" Pretty easy to solve
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  8. Haha, i dont think outside of the box :p
  9. I support this idea. Especially because even though 1K isn't a lot to a lot of Empire players (no offense), that's A TON for the poorer people here. 1K is quite a bit to me, even. 1K gets you 20 diamonds if each is priced at 50R!

    Disclaimer: I have about 4.6K rupees at the time of this post.
  10. I think it is a cool idea, but I don't think it should be advertised in the Empire Guide or even the Rupees section. Instead I think it would be best if it were a surprise to a player on his/her birthday when they log onto a server (Not added to their balance automatically)
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  11. I see
  12. I really like this idea. Normally, when I see someone say that "Today is my birthday!" in chat, I first check their profile, if it is confirmed, I go find a nice gift to buy and give to them. This usually being a diamond block, and a happy birthday. :)
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  14. I used gimp, the free version of photoshop which isn't as good. :p
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