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  1. My suggestions is to allow flying ONLY on your own res. Also to add a flying flag that allows others to fly as well on your res. (Only diamond supporters can fly in utopia)

    Reason: Building...
  2. This is a supporter peek I believe. If you really want flying then I would recommend becoming a supporter.
  3. Diamond supporter to be exact. :p
  4. Atm it is only on utopia
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  5. and only in town
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  6. According to ICC (or Aikar, don't remember), flying for non-supporters will never be implemented.
  7. and not for chickens. But I think a Chickeneer could.
  8. hmm.. the only to make money.. "bribe" them to become supporters..
  9. Thread closed..
  10. Pfft lazy folks. Build like the VIkings of old with your bare hands and dirt scaffolding!
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  11. have been doing that :/
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  12. well its kinda the point behind survival, making it legit make it that much cooler when finished
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