[Suggestion] Flag Shop Ideas

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  1. Basically, I got to thinking about this from the thread about chest art. While trying to think of complex stuff to do for that, I then thought about map pixel art stuff which then lead me to the flag shop. With that came two ideas.

    Idea 1: Add a sub-forum (I don't know where it would fit best though) for map submissions containing maps to be used for the flag shop. I'm assuming there is some way EMC could copy chunks of a single player map into wherever the maps are made that have already been implemented, but if not, there would at least be a guideline to the map.

    - Some lesser known or lesser sought after flags will see the light of EMC (such as smaller countries or fictitious flags from games)
    - Allows people the opportunity to make said lesser known flags in a setting where they don't need to find some uninhabited strip of land, gather the proper materials and build it while keeping away monsters
    - Reduces the work of anybody who normally is figuring out how to do the flags for EMC*

    - Filtering through already planned flags, people trying to troll, et cetera*
    - People needing to spend time doing said filtering rather than other stuff
    - Probably would have to expand the flag shop eventually if enough people take to the idea

    Idea 2: Add a separate in-game shop (or continue the flag shop, though it would become multi-purpose) along with a submission subforum for other art of any nature. This is assuming the same stuff as Idea 1.

    - Allows a lot more creativity to be shown without people needing to use up residences (which would be much more confined art) or find a clear spot of wilderness land
    - Allows the consumer to decorate homes with other player's great artworks
    - Depending how it's done, adds revenue to the more artistic and less economic-oriented players**

    - Basically idea 1's cons, though it would add in more work for people who would have to do it.*

    * A creation of a new team could be made purely to handle these kinds of tasks, as well as coming up with their own ideas, I suppose, so no work would be piled up on top of what other staff members already do on a regular basis

    ** If the "Art Shop" suggested were to have the shop signs on each server with the receiving party the artist, as a form of royalties, then that third pro would exist.

    So, what do you guys think?
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