[suggestion] Fix the wild

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  1. So, Remember all that block glitching you used to get? Well Aikar fixed it didn't he. But the thing is, it seems he didn't in the wild. The wild still has serious block glitching problems. I don't mean to be hard on Aikar as he is doing a lot of work, but I hardly ever go into town, and I find that town is SO much less laggy than the wild. So would you guys be able to fix this in the wild as it is getting seriously annoying.

  2. It might be on your end.
  3. The thing is. I get heaps of lag in the wild, in town? No. Other than chat lag when Jack is spamming chat.
  4. block lag is purely a client issue. Your basically lagging to the server.

    As for why you seem to have it in wild more than town? Welcome to minecraft....
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  5. Also, I have noticed that LLO has MASSIVE lag. Probably because there is so much crammed into one place, people not lighting stuff up like they should, underground caves dug out etc. I do good to get 2fps there at times. I get 5+ in town and everywhere else.
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