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  1. Hey guys, I was thinking we could have an enraged disc type, because of the two new enraged Skellies and Creeper, when a Skellie shoots a creeper it creates a disc. I was thinking having the same thing along those general lines with the enraged mobs, or some new item.

    Post below, thanks
  2. I dont believe it is possible for servers to add textures or music but the drop of many discs is possible
  3. Change the code to have the enraged mobs do the same thing as normal but have the 'stal' disc drop only by enraged skele's killing enraged creepers. It would raise price on my dc of stal discs! :D
  4. In 1.6 it would be possible. Texture packs have been whiped.
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  5. but that would require everyone to download the emc resource pack yet some people still would prefer there own
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  6. No he's saying 1.6 makes it to where the server company can change the texture of things in the game WITHOUT having you download a texture pack
  7. that I did not know
  8. so server texture pack?
  9. Making a new piece of music is a long and hard process if you want it to sound good. I am not sure if a server can make sounds for the player to hear. The disk could maybe play creaper hissing as the song since everyone already has that sound and it would Ba great for pranks.
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  10. Yup yup
  11. As stated above, it might not just be a disc, it could be another rare item. It could look like a disc, but do something else.
  12. WHoa whoa whoa whoa whao
  13. Meh i dont listen to discs lol, but for people who do i guess thats a good idea
  14. If we manage to add a new disc, it'll have the same texture as another disc, name will be cooler (of course) and the music will have to be noteblocks. ( I believe, if this is even possible.)
  15. That would be kind of cool but not the most practical