[Suggestion] Enraged Armies

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  1. A huge army of enraged zombies, skeletons, creepers -- generaled by 9 Momentuses and 9 Marlixes -- will invade the Frontier from the North (or East or South or West) on a specific day at a specific time. (preferably on a weekend so that every one can play). If players do not get together and defeat this motley crew, no one is safe to be able to go to the Frontier on their own. It will be too dangerous.

    If the players do not defeat the Enraged Army, the mobs will occupy the Frontier ... until Armageddon (about a week after the invasion)... when the Enraged army goes back to their home world. Leaving the Frontier a wasteland, by exploding TNT everywhere (at least on the surface).

    I think such a castrophic crisis... will be a fun way for players to work together to "Save the Frontier".
  2. i like the idea except for the last part, probably not a good idea to explode tnt everywhere, people will get a little....moody
  3. Hmm, with some modifications I could see this actually being pretty fun.

    1.) This would be wastelands only. We wouldn't want people's frontier wild bases destroyed.
    2.) Maybe 1 or 2 of the minibosses, I think 9 would be overkill. And then maybe 75 or 100 enraged skeles/zombies, and maybe a few creepers. (otherwise the creepers would blow up the whole army)
    3.) This would only happen like once a month on a Saturday and the army would be despawned after 24 hours or so to let people not interested be able to return to collecting materials in the wastes.
    4.) No TNT, that's way to destructive.

    With these modifications I think it could be a really fun event, but there might have to be some custom coding to change mob behavior plus making them auto-spawn / despawn, so I'm not sure the amount of work would be worth it. Cool idea nonetheless.
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  4. We have things like this happen rarely on Occasion (minus the tnt and im referring to the ICC Super Nether Battle of Death events)
  5. This could be a great idea for a Halloween event
  6. not frontier! the wastelands!