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  1. I have been in the process of creating an event/party and I want to create some locations. Now, I only want these locations to be accessed by the people that I can trust. Now, before you go saying, "Why can't you just make a random loc name?" I want to explain myself.

    Now, say I am making a res location that I only want +admins to access. There really isn't any proper way to do that. And then when I am ready to open the event/party to the public, I can change the location to "everyone". I am suggesting that we add a feature to allow the addition of "admin locs". This would be where you could toggle the location to be used by everyone, admins, or just the owner. Of course this command will only be able to be used by the owner themselves, and no one else. Here is my thoughts on how the command will look like: /res loc edit [nameofloc] [everyone/admin/owner] and it is that simple. You really could use the same system as the rename function, as you would only be editing the location.

    All you would really have to do code-wise, is test if the command contains either "everyone", "admin", or "owner". I do not know how easy/difficult this would be, but I am sure Aikar/chickeneer/Santa could figure it out.
  2. /res loc set !name

    Only residence admins can teleport to locations that start with "!" :)
  3. I know this... But my main point was that it could be toggle-able. I don't know if I made that clear or not, but... Oh well
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